Nobody’s Perfect 

(Psalms 73:26)

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart,

my portion forever.

There is not a single record in the Bible that honors a person able to muster enough strength to reach perfection. Obviously, Jesus was perfect. Regarding the many great men God used in the Bible, it is inadequate to say any were perfect. Contrary to popular belief, none would be considered good, concerning the fundamental truth of humanity’s sin problem. 
What is your weakness today? Have you failed in any areas of your life that may have caused you to feel guilty? It can be anything. Perhaps, you failed to witness the gospel, love your wife, nurture your children, or even deeper sins. 

Kind David, who had an affair with his soldiers wife and instigated his death, is considered a Bible hero. The Apostle Paul, who murdered Christians, wrote almost the whole New Testament. 

God is still writing your redemption story!


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